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Career Coaching

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The foundation of the AlzBetter program is built around our Dementia Coaches. These caring, empathetic and understanding individuals receive advanced dementia and behavior modification training. Their goal is to assist in improving the lives of those involved in the care process. ​

You Don’t Have To do This Alone

Caring for a person living with dementia requires skills beyond what most individuals poses, yet the majority of care partners end up trying to figure out this challenging situation by themself. This leads to high levels of stress and anxiety for both the person living with dementia and those who support them

With the AlzBetter Virtual Coaching Program, you are no longer alone. Get the support you need. All of the following is included in our coaching services:

  • A thorough dementia assessment.

  • A plan of care based on your assessment results

  • Educational tools such as our manual and app.

  • Customized solutions to address your specific areas of stress.

  • Community resources to help search for funding for care, legal help, service providers and so much more.

  • Regular check-ins to address past issues and new concerns.

Example of our micro-learning lesson

AlzBetter’s library of support topics includes targeted videos that demonstrate effective ways to deal with many common dementia care challenges. For example, people with dementia often refuse to accept help.