Dementia 360: Advanced Training and Tools for Case Managers in Healthcare Plan


Dementia 360: Advanced Training and Tools for Case Managers in Healthcare Plan

Staff training is critical for case managers to support this challenging and often expensive population, however, after working with various health plans, we have identified the need for additional tools to increase their effectiveness. Introducing the Dementia 360 program for payors.

Dementia 360 at home

Implementing the Dementia 360 program offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce hospitalizations, ED visits and readmissions: People living with dementia have a far higher cost than people living without dementia. The 360 program helps your team better manage these casts.

  • Improved member satisfaction: Star ratings and satisfaction surveys are critical. The Dementia 360 program offers support that goes beyond member expectations

  • Actionable Education: A popular tool for case managers enabling those who are not dementia experts to offer support to all families, simple, fast and effective

  • The AlzBetter App: not only great for marketing, but empowers both your staff and the families you care for

  • A true differentiator: It is a crowded market, separate yourself from your competition by offering a specialized dementia program

  • The AlzBetter Manual: Provides excellent education for families and can be co-branded for a great marketing tool

  • Reduced need for dementia experts: While there is no substitute for years of dementia experience, these hard to find individuals can be expensive and if they leave your company, your dementia program goes with them. The Dementia 360 program allows individuals of all skill levels to help families and your caregivers. It is also an excellent support tool for companies that do have a high level of dementia expertise.

  • AlzBetter dementia coaches: AlzBetter provides their dementia coaches to assist your team in helping to manage difficult situations
  • Learning Management System: AlzBetter offers a complete LMS for you to offer your staff training that has been approved by the Alzheimer’s Association.

Did You Know?

Families utilizing the AlzBetter program saw a 35% reduction in care partner stress compared to those not utilizing our program.

AlzBetter Advantages

A person-centered approach that places equal focus on supporting both the person living with dementia and those who assist them.

Our training has been reviewed by a team of leading physicians, as well as the Alzheimer’s Association®. Every topic meets evidence-based guidelines for dementia care.

The Dementia 360 program reduces dependence on dementia experts and allows health care professionals at all levels to offer support, thus increasing the number of people who can be helped.

Learn more about how AlzBetter can help your organization implement our solutions for better dementia care