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AlzBetter was developed by Gary Skole, who has operated a private duty home care agency since 1989. After almost twenty years of caring for people, he realized that he really knew very little about how to properly care for someone with dementia in their home. Like most agency owners, he would tell inquiring families that his agency knew how to care for someone with Alzheimer’s and then look for a caregiver that had received some form of training, usually from a nursing home or other facility. Sometimes the cases went well but other times they would go through aide after aide until the family finally switched services or ended up placing their loved one into a facility.

One day while reviewing material for continuing education about Alzheimer’s to offer to his staff, he realized just how complex this disease was and what a great opportunity there was to provide outstanding dementia care. The AlzBetter concept was born and has evolved into the most creative and successful program anywhere to care for people with dementia in their homes.
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Andrew Dubler is a sales and marketing expert and the owner of a private duty home care agency. His talents have been incorporated into the AlzBetter program to help other agency owners learn how to better market and sell their services. He has successfully used the program in his local market and seen sales take off. His clients are getting better service, his caregivers are better trained and it has opened up numerous referral sources who had previously been untouchable.

They decided to offer this one-of-a-kind program to other home care agencies and hospices to help them succeed in offering the world’s best dementia care at home. This program differs from all others because it was built from the ground up by home care professionals and has been created not only to better care for people with dementia, but also to help agencies stand out in an overcrowded market place. In addition to wonderful training tools for agency staff and the families they care for, it also offers professional marketing material and support for owners, managers and field staff. It is the only program of its kind meant to help home care agencies and hospices provide great dementia care at home.


Dr. Sam Toney MD

Dr. Sam Toney MD is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Health Integrated. Dr. Toney is an innovator and leader in the field of utilization, care and disease management program development and integration. Dr. Toney is a visionary who identified the role that behavioral health issues play in overall patient healthcare utilization and the industry’s need to look at the patient holistically not just at individual diagnostic codes.

Dr. Roache MD

Dr. Roache MD was recently the Vice-President of Medical Affairs for People’s Health in Louisiana. Dr. Roache also held Medical Director’s positions with Humana and Suburban Heights Medical Center in Chicago.

Dr. Donald Grossman MD

Dr. Donald Grossman MD has previously served as Chief Medical Officer for Florida True Health and Met Care. Dr. Grossman also held Medical Director positions with Cigna Health Care and WellCare.

Dr. Jay Pomerantz MD

Dr. Jay Pomerantz MD is Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Geriatrics and Medical Director for Clinical Care Management and HealthLink Clinical Call Center at the University of North Carolina Hospitals and School of Medicine.

Dr. Debra Barnett MD

Dr. Debra Barnett MD is an expert in the field of geriatric psychiatry. Dr. Barnett lectures and consults on a broad range of topics related to geriatrics and is the previous past president of the Florida Psychiatric Society.

Dr. Michael Yanuck MD

Dr. Michael Yanuck MD provides consulting services to hospitals, hospitalists groups, large physician practices as well as a variety of managed care organizations. He lectures on a range of issues including Medicare compliance rules, Pay for Performance and other population health topics.