Advantages for Managed Care organizations

Approximately 10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day (since 2011) and will continue to do so until 2030.

Number of people diagnosed with dementia is expected to triple as life expectancy continues to rise and the baby boomers continue their march into the golden years.

Having the training and the necessary tools to help maintain this large segment of our society at home/least restrictive setting possible and out of LTC facilities is not just about improving the quality of life of dementia patients and their caregivers – it is also a matter of organizational survival.

In 2014 total healthcare payments were three times higher than for those in the same age bracket with dementia than those without ($47,752 vs. $15115 per person respectively)

People with dementia (PWD) are far more likely to have additional co-morbid conditions and be hospitalized for these conditions than people without dementia (PWOD). 95% of Medicare fee for service money spent on seniors is on patients with at least 2 chronic conditions.

AlzBetter Solution

Patent pending – evidence based program proven to reduce hospitalizations, ER visits and LTC placement.
Uses training curriculum, person centered scheduling, point of care feedback tool, adaptive activities, support and interventional material for your care managers and caregivers to work together on your most challenging and costly dementia patients. This holistic approach has proven to achieve better outcomes (reduced utilization and residency in desired environment) while also minimizing the impact of the dementia behaviors on the other chronic conditions.

Ongoing live training held every week for your care managers as well as live support for your most challenging and time absorbing cases.

Is AlzBetter Right For Your Organization?

Are you a dual eligible Medicare advantage plan that serves a large percentage of seniors?

Are you looking to reduce costs for your dementia population (especially those with a co-morbid condition)?

Do you have care managers that are highly engaged with dementia patients?

Do you feel more can be done to improve the quality of life of people dealing with dementia and their caregivers?

Are you a forward thinker that is concerned about where our society is headed over the next 5-10-15 years in terms of our aging population and wonder how we are going to meet our vulnerable senior’s healthcare needs?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then the AlzBetter system may right for your organization!