Success Stories

I have had the pleasure of working with the AlzBetter team for about a year and a half and would like to share my experience. First I would like to speak to the team. My interactions with the AlzBetter team have always been very positive and informative. Each team member has been willing to take the time needed to answer my questions fully and to my satisfaction. Moreover the team made it a point to recognize me personally, making me feel as though I was also a part of the team.

Now to speak to the amazing program, AlzBetter. From a business aspect this program has set my company above and beyond other private duty homecare companies in my area. The unique opportunities AlzBetter has created have been exceptional, from being able to offer the specialized training to our caregivers to being able to host exciting marketing and CEU events. From the clinical aspect the information, lessons, tips and tricks learned from this program are priceless.

As a registered nurse and nursing supervisor I have attended several dementia conferences and educational sessions and none have been as well delivered as the AlzBetter training videos and check in chats.

Speaking of priceless, the quality of life I have seen the AlzBetter program bring to my clients who suffer from dementia through the individualized activities and routine the program offers have been amazing. Working together with the AlzBetter team, clients, clients’ families and caregivers my company has truly been able to offer homecare at the highest standard. Allison Shiflet R.N. Lead Clinical Services Supervisor, Arcadia Home Care & Staffing

Allison Shiflet RN
Lead Clinical Services Supervisor – Michigan
Arcadia Home Care & Staffing
Okemos, MI 48864


Hi Mary.  Thank you sooo much for the excellent AlzBetter training.  Without it my father might have died when he moved into his retirement community.  It truly was a James Bond month.  Thank you for the excellent training.   Dad’s nursing home could benefit from the training.  Thanks again and keep in touch.


Janice Fenchak,
HAH, Baltimore, Maryland


It was a great presentation and one of our attendees asked the question :-)) they would like me to do a right and wrong series for caregiver training next time! They all wanted manuals and materials. We even got 2 referrals from the event!!!

Thank you so much!

Jennifer F
Account Executive

I had to share this picture with you. Would you ever guess this lady had dementia? Her empty stare of dementia has been replaced by an almost mischievous smile of enjoyment

John K
Agency Owner

Previous to using your agency, I employed an independent care giver for my husband and was satisfied until I realized he was basically being ‘baby sat’ and not ‘cared for’. He needed more stimulation and interaction then he was receiving so, in seeking this I called your agency on the recommendation given.

I could not be more satisfied since changing. I was one of their first clients to participate in their implemented AlzBetter program and due to the specialized care and training the care givers are required to participate in, I see a definite change in how my husband manages day to day. He is happier when I return home and I see positive changes in his mobility, cognition and interaction.

I don’t usually write reviews but then I never thought I’d need to think about having to ‘hire’ home care help. When the time came do so, the process felt overwhelming. I feel very fortunate and grateful I was introduced to your agency and just wanted to put this out there in case someone else is in search of competent, caring help for their loved one.

Greg R
Agency Owner

Thank you again for helping me out yesterday but talking with my caregiver and my [1st] client that we have on AlzBetter. I wasn’t sure if AlzBetter was working for this particular client but with your help, it’s clear it is working. I didn’t think my caregiver was 100% bought into this program but after receiving the email from my client, I know we’re on the right path – especially with your active support!

Anyway, I just wanted to express my appreciation to you, Gary and Andrew.

Thank you again,

Mike S
Agency Owner

Good morning Mary I just wanted to say thank you sharing all the knowledge that you have with us you’re a great teacher I have discovered so many new things the way that I interact with our clients.

This program has changed the way I think and speak we have a few clients just in the last few weeks I have done different things with .WoW !who would have known just the way you speak changes the whole outlook on things it’s so effective! I just wanted to share a couple of our stories we have one client that was very combative every morning no matter what we would do after getting into your program I change the way I word things and redirect things I have seen some serious results. thank you so much sincerely,

Sallie F
Agency Owner

Amazing story to share about today’s experience! When opening an AlzBetter case yesterday for a wife and husband both with dementia an argument started between family and clients about a coffee mug that was not supposed to be used but just for decoration.

The mug had a picture on it which was American soldiers lifting a flag atop Mount Suribachi, during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. I attempted to break up this argument by asking the male client (who was upset) what this mug meant to him and what it was about. He began to tell me this amazing story and went onto tell me that he was a marine veteran of world war II.

At that moment I pulled out our Alzbetter booklet for world war II which has the same picture on it and asked if he’d like to hang on to this and read it. It brought much joy to his face and I could tell he was very happy to receive this. While visiting them today the wife grabbed the booklet off the table and started to look through it at the pictures. I asked her if we could set and read it together. At this time the husband said “oh she can’t read anymore” I said well that’s okay I’ll go through it with her. I then sat down next to her and she opened the book and began to read the first page to me. I then would read the next page and we went through the book taking turns reading to each other.

The husband seemed very shocked by this and very pleased. As the wife and I went through the book discussing different topics throughout the book the husband would chime in and talk about his experience with each certain topic and how he was a part of it. This was an amazing experience with them today and they showed great gratitude towards me for spending this time with them. I truly believe this is an amazing program and am very proud to be representing a program I feel this strongly about! Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this awesome company and amazing program. This is by far the most meaningful experience I’ve had thus far in my nursing career!

Nicole H
Registerd Nurse