Families and Individuals

Reducing care partner stress is the primary objective of the AlzBetter program. Families often feel all alone and unprepared for the demands placed upon them when caring for a loved-one living with dementia. We help empower individuals with easy to use care strategies and and dementia coaches

The AlzBetter App

The AlzBetter App

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Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching

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Caregiver Support

Caring for someone living with dementia is one of the biggest challenges we can face. As the disease progresses, our care strategies also need to change to cope with different issues. Sign up to access our free caregiver resources, including:

  • Library of Micro-Learning® videos that address different care related challenges
  • Daily monitoring of aides and patient status
  • Other stage appropriate resources

AlzBetter's library of support topics includes targeted videos that demonstrate effective ways to deal with many common dementia care challenges. For example, people with dementia often refuse to accept help.

Micro-learning Video Example​

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We can help you improve patient care, satisfaction, and profitability.


Families receiving care backed by AlzBetter were twice as likely to recommend their provider to a friend or family member.

AlzBetter Advantages

We help you build relationships with your patients that recognizes their humanity as well as the needs of their disease.

Our training has been reviewed by a team of leading physicians, as well as the Alzheimer's Association®. Every topic meets evidence-based guidelines for dementia care.

Our care processes, software algorithms, and analytics have been developed to optimize care while improving profitability

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