Activities Ideas from AlzBetter

Being engaged is an essential part of being human and experiencing a quality of life. Activities provide a feeling of self-worth and belonging as one feels a sense of contribution to the environment around them.
Being involved in an activity may cut down on boredom, irritability and frustration, improving an individual’s mood. This makes for a more enjoyable time for everyone involved.
It is important to note, while the individual may not be able to perform as they did in the past, they can still benefit from focusing on preferred past interests. Be sure to include life-long routines as you adapt the tasks, along with your approach and communication style, to their current abilities.
Rather than focus on what’s lost, turn your attention to what remains. For additional information on all the benefits of theAlzBetter program call 856-281-1200.

Here are a few suggested activities to get you started.

  • Sorting / Counting / Matching
    • Coins
    • Sewing Notions: buttons, pins, bobbins, spools of thread, shoe laces, roll yarn, fabrics, lace
    • Jewelry: earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches
    • Home making: pots/storage containers and lids, coupons, eating/cooking utensils, napkins, straws- different colors and cut to different sizes
    • Greeting cards: birthday, holiday, marriage, get well, graduation / sort category, size, glittery, serious, humorous
    • Deck of cards (or several depending on level of dementia)
    • Dice – several sets and colors to sort, roll and count up scores
    • Office: business cards, paperclips, binder clips, envelopes, stamps, ,rubber bands, erasers, pens/pencils/highlighters, batteries
    • Travel brochures
  • Folding: baby/children’s clothing, towels, t-shirts, socks, hankies
  • Cut coupons for organizations: religious, school, day care, military, soup kitchen
  • Reminiscing / discussion topics:
    • Photos
    • Family
    • Vacation spots
    • Recipes
    • Holidays / special occasions
    • Pets
    • Hobbies