Care Managers

Care managers play a special role in the successful implementation and management of all our dementia clients. Each care manager receives the distinction of being an AlzBetter Certified Dementia Specialist only after going through specialized training and passing an exam.

The role of the care manager includes:

Meeting with family and clients to review goals of care and do a thorough and detailed dementia assessment.
Utilize videos and training manual to educate all caregivers including family and other loved ones as well as company employees. The care manager will go over the unique needs of each individual and demonstrate how best to manage and implement the plan of care
Be available to answer all questions as they arise
Make regular visits to oversee each client and continually update the current level of dementia
Adjust activities to match current level of dementia
Perform Quality Of Life (QOL) assessment regularly to determine the success of current program and make adjustments accordingly
Be a resource and friend for family
Proprietary software is utilized by the care manager to

Determine the current level of dementia
Create a customized daily schedule for clients
Review current problematic behaviors of client

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are extremely challenging and complex diseases. The expertise of the care manager is an invaluable resource for families during this very difficult time of their life.