Employers and EAP's

Employees are often caring for family members living with dementia while also trying to manage their job. Statistics are alarming.

  • 73% of employees report some type of caregiving responsibilities and they report missing an average of 6.6 workdays per year
  • 32% quit their jobs in order to continue providing care
  • 15% take a leave of absence
  • 8%  Represents the average increase in health care cost for caregivers compared to employees who are not caregivers 
  • 54% arrive to their place of work late or leave early
  • 24% of caregivers feel that caring for an aging family member, relative, or friend has an impact on their work performance and keeps them from working more hours
  • 80% admitted to reduction in productivity

AlzBetter has solutions that are cost effective and simple to implement.

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In partnership with a leading heart and lung center, our TCM program cut 30-day readmission rates in half in the first year. In the next three years we cut them in half again.

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We help you build relationships with your patients that recognizes their humanity as well as the needs of their disease.

Our training has been reviewed by a team of leading physicians, as well as the Alzheimer's Association®. Every topic meets evidence-based guidelines for dementia care.

Our care processes, software algorithms, and analytics have been developed to optimize care while improving profitability

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