Constitution #24

Be Responsive “Get back to people quickly and handle all requests right away. Procrastination and indifference are the enemy of productive behaviors.” I can’t help but think about how many people count on us on a daily basis. While we may inundated with tasks, calls to return, problems to resolve, and schedules to fill, that […]

Constitution #23

Do the Right Thing “Honor and integrity are about always doing what is right every time, not just when it fits our schedule or looks good. Always think in terms of building long term relationships with every action you do/ have long term relationships be the ultimate goal. It takes a long time to build […]

Constitution #22

Check Egos at the Door “Our own egos and personal agendas must never get in the way of doing what is best for the team. We don’t take challenge personally or defensively. Make sure every decision is based solely on what will best advance our team goals.” Considering our professional selves, it is important to […]

Constitution #21

  Find a Way to Make it Happen “Exceptional people and companies find ways to get things done, especially the difficult things. Persistence and creativity can overcome almost any challenge. Never give up until all possibilities have been exhausted – somehow, someway.” Working in health care, especially in home care, and more specifically, with those […]

Constitution # 20

“Bring-It” Every Day “While skill, talent and knowledge are necessary for producing good results, passion is the energy that fuels truly extraordinary performance. We may not always be perfect, but it will never be for lack of effort or total commitment. Approach every task with energy, focus and enthusiasm. Be fully engaged.” How do you […]

Constitution # 19

Be Reliable- Honor Your Commitments “If you say you are going to do something or be somewhere, fulfill it or communicate when you will not be able to. Be careful not to over-promise.” In business, especially in our business of home care, others are counting on us. What they plan or need to do may […]

Constitution # 18

Be Conscious of Your Attitude at All Times “Bring your positive attitude to work/leave negativity at the door. Practice complaint free living.” How grand is life knowing we have choices? Our view, approach, perspective and attitude make such a difference in our existence. Does it take an effort? Certainly! Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Human […]

Constitution #17

There Are No Problems, Only Opportunities “Be thankful when clients present problems, challenges and complaints as it gives you the opportunity to remedy the situation and strengthen your relationship.” How true do you find this AlzBetter Constitution to be? Whether applied to your professional or personal life, we are all presented with opportunities. Everything we […]

#16 Be a Self-Thinker and Self-Doer

“Rely on yourself first to think through problems and taking actions. Look for solutions before escalating a problem.”

#15 Make Every Interaction Count

“Every interaction is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. The way we smile or talk to someone or write an email can have as much of an impact as what we say. Special things can happen with each and every interaction. Never miss an opportunity.”