Constitution #24

Be Responsive

“Get back to people quickly and handle all requests right away. Procrastination and indifference are the enemy of productive behaviors.”

I can’t help but think about how many people count on us on a daily basis. While we may inundated with tasks, calls to return, problems to resolve, and schedules to fill, that ONE request, that ONE question, and that ONE need from that ONE individual is everything to them at that ONE moment. Sometimes waiting for a response leaves them immobile.

It is imperative that we respond as quickly and effectively as we possible are able. It may not be at the top of our priority list, but it can be the only priority for another person. Even if you are unsure of the answer, or need time to research, at least respond to that individual to let them know the message was received and that you are putting your attention on it. That communication, that reassurance, is valued by that ONE person waiting for that ONE answer.


“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” ~Mother Teresa


As a group, we are a dynamic team. But don’t discount the fact that individually, we each can make a big impact and a big difference to that ONE who needs us most. Right here. Right now.


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