Advantages for Private Duty Home Care


    1. Provide Better Care – with the rapid growth of seniors with dementia, chances are very high that you will be servicing this clientele. Alzheimer’s/dementia cases are among the most complex and challenging. You will have two options when it comes to caring for people with dementia: Doing it Right or Hoping to Get lucky

Doing it Right

      • Enhances your reputation as a provider of quality care, especially dementia care
      • Enables you to hold onto clients longer who may have otherwise been placed into a facility
      • Reduces staff turnover
      • Reduces stress on your coordinators and on-call personnel

Doing it Wrong

    • Puts your reputation at risk
    • Increases staff turnover
    • Lost revenue
  1. Separate your agency from the competition – The private duty home care market is growing more competitive by the day. With a low barrier for entry and the huge market potential, competition has never been tougher. Having a unique specialty program such as AlzBetter gives you a competitive advantage and helps you stand out. Click here to see the marketing material offered.
  2. Have a support team behind you – Alzheimer’s/dementia care is considered to be one of the most challenging types of care. These cases can make or break your reputation as a dementia specialist, place un-needed stress on your field and office staff and cost you money in lost revenue. With AlzBetter, you are assigned your own coach to help guide you through these challenging cases. Additionally, you will have the support of our community to add additional guidance. With AlzBetter, you are never alone.
  3. Offer state-of-the-art programs – The programs offered by AlzBetter are truly cutting edge. Our software is the only one of its kind and the activities you will be able to offer your clients are also unmatched in the industry. Not only does this help provide better care, but it also makes for great marketing material.
  4. Ongoing training for your staff – We know that training both your field staff and care managers is critical. We also know that due to turnover or growth, you are always adding new members to your team. We offer interactive, recorded videos along with regularly scheduled live trainings to keep your staff sharp and up to date. We take the burden off of you in getting your staff trained.