Boss’s Day and Dementia

Who wants to be the boss? Well now, most of us don’t want someone else telling us what to do. We want to be the boss of our self! No matter what our age or what our challenge, there are those of us who want to feel like we are in control. This is true […]

The Importance of Exploration with Dementia

Exploring isn’t just for Christopher Columbus. If you care partner with an individual with Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia, exploring should be a skill you seek to develop. It’s not uncommon for those we serve to exhibit undesirable behaviors. Decreases in one’s communication skills, lesser abilities, and increased confusion may all lead to […]

#16 Be a Self-Thinker and Self-Doer

“Rely on yourself first to think through problems and taking actions. Look for solutions before escalating a problem.”

#15 Make Every Interaction Count

“Every interaction is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. The way we smile or talk to someone or write an email can have as much of an impact as what we say. Special things can happen with each and every interaction. Never miss an opportunity.”

#14 Work Smarter – Not Harder

“Time is extremely limited and valuable. Be organized and prepared each day and guard your time carefully. Be aware of time wasters and make each minute count.”

#13 Follow-up on Everything

“In our business, we can never assume anything. We must always err on the side of over communicating rather than let details go unaccounted for.”

#12 Communicate to be Understood

“Communicate simply and clearly. Ask yourself a reflective question. Is my message being communicated in a simple and easy to understand manner? In verbal communication, repeat back what is being said so that all parties understand and are on the same page.”

AlzBetter Words to Live and Work By – Constitution #11

EVERYONE MATTERS “We are one team. Regardless of title or position, everyone has a very important role to play for us to achieve our goals.”

AlzBetter Words to Live and Work By – Constitution # 10

CELERATE SUCCESSES “Let’s look for opportunities to give meaningful and timely acknowledgement for the positive actions that we encounter, whether they are large or small, for individuals and teams.”

#9 Be Punctual

Being on time shows respect to the other party and makes a positive representation of both yourself and our company. Plan for potential time pitfalls.